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Nov 28, 2014 by carrots001

I bought 3 months worth from and halfway through the first bottle I noticed that the use by date states that by the time I get to use the last one it will have expired! I don't know if this is the case for other suppliers but this is a warning to you all about buying it for Amazon.

As for as the product goes so far so good but I have not noticed any improvement yet, though I would not expect to. But the has been no irritation to my scalp or other side effects.

Response: This is poor form from Amazon, be it the store itself or it\'s market place partner but it is unlikely that the product will cease to work once it has reached it\'s use by date. This is not a food product and is not going to go off.


Oct 28, 2014 by viv

I suffer from Lupus, which can cause thinning hair in some lupus sufferers. The hair loss is usually most noticeable around the frontal hairline. Generally even though my hair is very thick, I began noticing a lot of thinning spots. I have been using Regaine For Women for about 4 months, and it has proven much better than I expected. Only after seeing such visible improvements did I realise that I was losing so much hair. Well, if you have lupus related hair loss, then you should use Regaine.

Oct 28, 2014 by Amy

My hair started to thin when I was in high school. Even though I do not suffer from significant permanent hair loss, if I did not use Regaine I would be a lot thinner on top. It helped strengthen and bring back to life those dying hair follicles as well as increase my hair thickness overall. I Apply Regaine once daily after washing my hair and it really is not an inconvenience. I highly recommend any woman that is faced with thinning hair to at least talk to your doctor about using Regaine for a while.

Works well

Sep 10, 2014 by ashley_84

This product works great, and if you combine it daily with a few other supplements that block DHT formation (Saw Palmetto, Nu-Hair, flaxseed oil, Niozin shampoo) it can really make a difference. It has REALLY grown hair for me around the temples, but it took longer to come in.

The first place I noticed was that the back of my hair, which had thinned a bit, was now covered (after about 1-2 months). I’m at the 5 month mark now and am still seeing great results. Give it time, be patient, and wait for it to work.

I blow-dry my hair daily and this product also adds volume to the appearance of my hair. Not sure why they can’t produce a non-oily minoxidil product that you can spray on wet or dry hair that does not effect the condition of your hair… doesn’t seem like rocket-science.

Aug 29, 2014 by josiedo

To us woman, our hair serves as crowning glory so we have to do our best to beautify it or retain it. My hair is all about me, I couldn’t imagine my life without my hair. I was very pleased with the results that Regaine gave me, my hair is thicker than it used to be couple of years ago!. The result was beyond my expectations. Since then, I always use Regaine twice a day, consistently never skipping an application. Based on my result, I can absolutely say that this product is highly recommended for women who suffered from hair loss. This product is not only for women, it is also for men. So if you happen to read my review, spread this news to your friends or love ones who are experiencing hair loss due to thinning hair. It absolutely works!

Regaine For Women

Apr 10, 2014 by CC

To be honest, YES the product works. A lot of people don’t follow instructions to the “T” so therefore opinions vary. The product comes with specific instructions as how to use it on a daily basis.

I was losing my hair by the fistfuls and my hair dresser said to start taking NIOXIN pills. After taking the NIOXIN pills for about 2 to 3 months along with taking the Regaine For Women (2%), my hair stopped coming out and also started filling in around the receding hairline.

There are many hair growth remedies and hair growing treatments on the market and without a doubt this is a great investment.

Nov 28, 2012 by Em

I have used it for 2 and a half years. I think I suffer from hereditary hair loss as it runs in my family. My mum lost a lot of hair as she got older, so did my grandma. This seems be working.. since I started using it I found less hair on my hairbrush and in the plug hole after a wash. I am thinking of using extra strength solution but just using less of it to cut costs down. I\'ll let you know how it goes.

RFT Review

Nov 15, 2012 by NTH

My gp prescribed me this and it cost a lot more along with the prescription charge. I am now buying it direct online which is much better as it costs much less. It is working great for me, after 6 months I am seeing some hair returning which is all I wanted when I started using it. You do need to religiously apply it every day though.

Oct 23, 2012 by Kate

This did not work for me at all. Not only that but it made my scalp itch and I had to give it up after 3 weeks - of course it could have worked if I had persevered but the iciness was too unbearable.

, 4.2 5.0 9 9 I bought 3 months worth from and halfway through the first bottle I noticed that the use by date states that by the time I get to use the last one it will have expired