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regaine foam

Sep 04, 2017 by Imran

Hello guys .I just started using regaine foam from last 25 days and at first i started using hairs but last 5 days i noticed only 4 or 5 hairs 2 or 3 in wash 2 or 3 when i apply two times.I think its started working for me i will give it 6 months atleast to see how well it goes.i am not bald but when i have short hair cut people can see my skin as it is white ...


Feb 12, 2017 by Loraine

Regaine is amazing. Sceptical after years of expensive conditioners, trichologists, head massages, vitamin regimes, etc., all of which did nothing for my lifelong babyfine hair. Finally started using this as I noticed bald spots. Never in my life has my hair grown so quickly and full, and it no longer falls out to fill my brushes.
Recommending this to all my fine haired friends. I am overjoyed and wish I'd found it earlier in life.

regaine products

Feb 15, 2016 by ciaran o sullivan

Purchased regaine a few months ago,the results are positive so far my dad hasnt complained about my hair being on the floor off the kitchen after blow drying it and the lads in work stopped calling me the island plus my boyfriend brian loves running his fingers through it,thanks alot for ur help c

100% solution

Dec 14, 2015 by ani

hello guys ,
today im gonna share my experience , i was one of them guys who loved their hair . I started to use new hair styles , colored my hair , and than my hair started fall out day bay day , and i was almost bald , than i used REGAINE 5%(v/v) solution for 6 months , after it i just shaved my head twice , and than i started to use mustard oil on my all over hair for 1 month , now believe my FRIENDS , my hair full thick and shiny , just like my starting hair.

Probably the best option currently but not that effective

Nov 28, 2014 by Anthony

I found that after using this for around 18 months it only affected my hair on my crown and not the more serious problem at my hairline.

There is an initial shedding period which I found a little disconcerting but after a couple of month I noticed that I had stopped losing so much hair. The Regaine never grew back any hair but it did a good job of reducing the amount of loss - at the crown that is.

I find that it is rather expensive too, even when using this website I am considering swapping to generic minoxidil to save money.

I also find it quite annoying to use (everyday, twice a day for life). It is quite a commitment and I am guessing there will come a time when I will just stop and accept the inevitable - or maybe they will have discovered a new more effective treatment by then.

To sum things up I does reduce hair loss but you ain\'t going to regain your full head of hair pair this with the usage commitment and I don\'t consider it to be a permanent solution.

works great

Oct 10, 2014 by daniel345

The thing I like about this product is that is easy to use–and best of all, it works! It is a part of my everyday regimen and I feel proud of my hair again. It goes on easily and dries quickly. In clinical testing, it regrew hair in 85% of men after four months when used twice daily.

Like all products, it may not work for some (15%). I can see some customers out here saying it doesn’t work for them. Baldness is different for everyone and we do not fully understand it yet. I am just glad that it works for me.

Feb 10, 2014 by simon

Just like most hair loss treatment product, Regaine foam is not a miracle worker, but it does make a difference. I’ve stopped using Regaine foam a couple of times, but soon afterwards, I can notice a difference in my appearance.

It’s not a total cure, but it at least gives me some sense of accomplishment, “and” a noticeable difference.

Feb 02, 2014 by buzzman

I started getting red lumps appearing around my hairline at the back of my head so I stopped using it after 4 weeks - not really long enough to tell whether it would work - but with t lumps it is not worth it in my opinion even if it does.

Oct 09, 2013 by theman

I started using it about a year ago. I lost more hair at first which was a bit disconcerting but after about a month my hair began to get thicker and now I'm really happy with the result. It's a bit expensive but I tend to buy in packs of 3 (3 months) which I can stretch out to last about 4 months as I use a little less that recommend.

Aug 07, 2013 by Anonymous

I started using this about a month ago. It smells horrible and makes my hair greasy and sticky. I hope it is worth it - I haven't noticed any change yet.


Jun 06, 2013 by jase

I have suffered from hair loss long enough and I can tell you that Regaine is good stuff.

May 30, 2013 by thomas.f

I lost a lot of hair from the front of my head during my 20s. At the age of 31 - when I began to lose hair form the back and top as well I started using Regaine Foam. I had already tried propecia years before with no effect. I have found that the foam has helped restore hair at the back and top of my head but is having little effect on the front region - I guess I have left it too long and the follicles there are dead long ago.

May 03, 2013 by Ng

I started losing my hair before I reached my 20s! and I only discovered Regaine when I was 26 and by then my hair was quite thin on top. Some hair as returned and I think I have reached a plateau where I am not going to regain any more - I was not expecting to have a full head of hair back anyhow. In retrospect I should have started using it earlier when I first noticed my hair loss.

very effective

Jan 28, 2013 by Anonymous

Thank god for this stuff. It really saved me from being bald, which is fine if you look ok with no hair - some men look cool bald - but I would look terrible. Regaine Foam started working within 3 weeks and stopped my hair loss in it\'s tracks. Get it if you don\'t want to be bald.

It works

Dec 21, 2012 by john89

Before I buy anything on the net I always read lots of reviews about the product first - how else would I know if it's any good. So I thought I would spend a few minutes writing one here for Regaine Foam and give a little back to the community. I am a 28 year old male and have been using Regaine in one form or another for nearly 3 years. Fist Extra Strength Solution and now Foam for the last 6 months. I started losing my hair when I was 21 following the usual pattern baldness of a receding hair line and and getting thin on the crown. When I started using Regaine (solution) my hair loss stopped within 6 weeks and began growing back within 3 months so I was very happy :) But I never like applying it every day - It was a pain in the butt to be honest but worth it. Six months ago I switched to the Foam though it was a little more expensive. I find the Foam just as effective for my hair but much easier to apply as it dries much quicker and it irritated my scalp less so again the expense is worth it in my opinion.

A lot of people moan about the solution being awkward to apply and being a bit itchy. I would recommend that you all switch for if this is the case.


Nov 28, 2012 by Danny

Previous to using Regaine Foam my hair had been gradually thinning for about 5 years. This stuff definately stopped that in its tracks. Although I have not recovered the hair I had already lost I am still happy with the results as I would be a lot thinner on top without it

Sep 23, 2012 by C.Morris

I tried this for 3 month and it had no effect whatsoever

Regaine Foam working for me

Aug 07, 2012 by Gordon

I had tried Regaine a few years ago but couldn't afford to keep on buying month after month. Once I had stopped I started losing my hair faster than ever before. I've now started using it again as it is cheaper than it used to be and my hair loss is becoming more noticeable I need to do something about it. This time I tried the foam and so far it's worked wonders. After just five months of continuous use I'm actually recovering my hair. I'm going to continue to use it to see how much hair I can recover, I doubt I'll recover all of it and to be honest I'm happy with the job is done so far.

, 4.0 5.0 18 18 Hello guys .I just started using regaine foam from last 25 days and at first i started using hairs but last 5 days i noticed only 4 or 5 hairs 2 or 3 in wash 2 or 3 when i appl