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Need advice on how to use Regaine? Or maybe you have some questions you would like answered before you buy. Please type your question or query at the bottom of this page and we will do our best to answer.

6 thoughts on “User Questions and Answers

  1. Antony

    If using the regain in a top that it can improve my receding hairline, am i supposed to massage the foam just Into my existing hairline or do I rub
    Some into the scalp where there is currently no hair as it has stopped growing in those areas ( do I rub foam I to the temple/forehead area as well?)

    Also, just say there is a miracle and my hair starts growing back. If I stopped using this product would all that new hair just fall out and never grow back? Thanks


  2. kim

    I understand that this product needs to be applied every day – does this mean that I need to wash my hair everyday?

    Does it make your hair greasy once applied?

    thank you

    1. evershop Post author

      No, you don’t have to wash your hair everyday although frequent washing is recommended if you are prone to build-up. Neither the Solution or Foam products are particularly greasy, they are absorbed quickly into the scalp. Remember to avoid washing you hair within four hours of applying the Regaine.

  3. Fay

    I am interested in knowing why this product is not recommended to woman over 65 years? I am 75 yrs old and my hair is thinning and am looking for a product that will help restore my hair.

    1. evershop Post author

      Only the manufacturer can really answer this one but we can assume that, as this is an over the counter medication, the manufacture decided to have this 65 age limit/safety net. Potential users of Regaine who are over 65 have a higher probability of having health issues which may make them unsuitable for using minoxidil products. Having this age limit would require them to see their doctor to discuss their suitability. Also there is the possibility that it may not have been tested on over 65’s.

  4. Karen

    I used the 2% solution for two months and after this time I noticed increased hair growth on my face. It was minor so I wasn’t too concerned and continued using the solution. Three weeks later the hair growth on my face and neck reached a point at which I decided to discontinue use. The hair is “downy” in texture and at least 1cm long in some areas. (Sideburns and neck) . Do you have any idea if the facial hair will decrease now that I am not using the solution. I was careful when applying the solution, it certainly did not come into contact with the whole of my face/neck. How long is the solution likely to remain in my system.


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