Regaine Extra Strength Solution Prices

180-solutionRegaine is one of a few proven hair regrowth brands. Their Extra Strength Topical Solution has been shown to stop and reverse hereditary hair loss in 8 out of 10 men. Although their marketing focuses more on their Foam product, many men still prefer to use this topical liquid – a product which has been stopping hair loss for over 30 years.

Regaine Solution Prices (updated daily)

If you buy Regaine Extra Strength Solution at it’s full price (as charged in high street stores) you will pay over £35 per month’s supply. Thankfully you can buy it for significantly less online. Check out today’s prices (updated daily) below. When a discount code is provided you need use it at the checkout to obtain the listed deal.

How effective is it?

In the many studies conducted 80% of men who previously suffered from hereditary hair loss stopped losing their hair after 4 months of applying it twice per day, most recovered all or some of they previously lost hair as well. Although the studies are based on 4 months use, most who use it notice result before this, some as early as 8 weeks in.


All Regaine Extra Strength for Men (Solution and Foam) products contain a 5% minoxidil concentration which is proven to treat thinning hair in men aged 18-65 years. Inactive ingredients include alcohol (80%), propylene glycol and Purified Water.

Why use Solution in preference to Foam?

The Foam dries more quickly, is easier to apply and is less irritation on the scalp, so why would you decide to use this old product. Most who use Regaine in it’s topical form do so because they have been using it for many years (before the introduction of Foam) and are perfectly happy with it. Why change? Other reasons include:

  • Price: Extra Strength Solution is nearly always cheaper than the Foam
  • Age: If you are 50 or over the liquid is one to use. Foam is recommended for those aged 18-49. Solution 18-65 years.

Will Regaine Work For Me?

Answer yes to all of the following questions and within 4 months there is an 8 in 10 chance that you will be able to reverse the loss of hair.

  • Do you suffer from hereditary pattern baldness? If you have parents, grandparents or siblings you have suffered from premature hair loss the chances are that your condition is hereditary.
  • Do you want to stop losing you hair?
  • Would you like to regain lost hair?
  • Are you a man aged between 18 and 65 years?
  • Are you willing to use it twice a day, every day.

Start using it and you could see results in 8-16 weeks of continuous use. Stop using it however and you problems will return.

How To Apply

applying-regaineIt can be applied in 4 easy steps, twice a day. The pack contains an applicator to measure the correct amount and apply to you scalp. Ideally you need to apply it to a dry scalp as any moisture on the skin will only dilute the solution:

  • If you have just washed your hair towel dry it as well as your scalp.
  • Part your hair to expose the area where you are losing hair.
  • Fill the 1ml dropper provided and apply the liquid directly to the scalp at the effected area.
  • Massage the solution into your scalp with your fingers.

Before applying any other hair products make sure that your scalp has dried. You need to make sure you apply the topical solution every day, you can not make up for missed treatments by applying more next time and you cannot increase the effectiveness by applying more than 2 ml per day.