Regaine For Women Price Comparison

180-womenClinically proven to stop hair loss and regrow hair Regaine For Women is a topical solution which contains 2% minoxidil. Studies have shown that using it over a 32 week period:

  • Stops hair thinning in 80% of all cases.
  • Stimulates regrowth of lost hair in 60% of all cases.

There is no other product available which is more effective at stopping hereditary hair loss.

The RRP for a single pack (1 months supply) of this product is £25.48, however you can save a large amount of that by buying it online. See the list below for the current best prices.

Will Regaine For Women work for me?

The formulation will not work for everyone, studies have shown that Regaine has no noticeable effect on 20% (1 in 5) women. If after using it for 12 months you are seen no improvement in your hair loss it is recommended that you stop; the treatment. For 80% (4 in 5) women shedding will have slowed or stopped within 32 weeks. For 60% of women (3 in 5) previously lost hair will start to regrow.

How do you know which group you will be in? Well you are more likely to experience its beneficial effects if:

  • Your condition is hereditary – have any direct relatives suffered from hair loss?.
  • You have been losing you hair for only a short period – you will have more successful results if you catch the problem early.
  • You are able to incorporate it into you daily routine – applying it twice a day, every day.

When you start using it you may initially (2 to 6 weeks in) notice a little more shedding than normal – this is a good sign as it indicate that the minoxidil is having an effect. This initial increased shedding is caused by old hair follicles temporarily shedding hair as you dormant hair follicles shift in to a growing phase.


Apply it twice a day with a 12 hour gap between (morning and evening work best)

Apply 1ml to the effected area of scalp – make sure your hair is dry, so only ally after blow drying if you have washed you hair. Use the applicator to measure the correct amount to apply.

Allow the solution to be absorbed into the scalp before using any other hair products. Make sure you wash your hands after using Regaine.

You should make sure that you carefully read the see enclosed leaflet and all product packaging and labels prior to use.


The active ingredient in minoxidil 2% (20mg/ml). Other ingredient include ethanol (alcohol), purified water and propylene glycol.

How does it work

Regaine For Women contains minoxidil as the main active ingredient, which is commonly used for the treatment of hereditary hair loss and that has been clinically proven to work. However, our understanding of the mechanism of action on the hair follicle is very limited.


The first known application of minoxidil was as a medicine to treat high blood pressure and soon it was observed that patients who were taking minoxidil began growing body hair as side effects. Further studies were carried with the application of minoxidil directly to a bald scalp to check if it would cause the hair to grow in this area as well. Studies showed that this was indeed the case.

The solution should be applied twice daily (morning and evening). The medication only works if it is in direct contact with the scalp (not the hair), and only in the areas where it is applied. When the use of minoxidil is discontinued, the effects of the drug wear off within three months and the previous pattern of hair loss resumes.

When using any form of Regaine or minoxidil, it may take 6-12 months before any results are seen. You may notice a decrease or a stop on hair loss before you notice any improvement. If no change is observed after 12 months you should stop the treatment.

What is it used for:

Hereditary hair loss (alopecia androgenetica) in women aged 18 to 65 years.


  • Avoid dripping or running down the forehead or neck and wash your hands thoroughly after applying this solution to avoid transferring to other areas.
  • For external use only
  • You should not use it on broken, inflamed or infected skin. If the scalp irritation represent a problem, you may want to avoid the use of minoxidil on the same days when you have your hair chemically treated or coloured.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and if that occurs, rinse your eyes with large amounts of cool water.
  • Avoid using this medicine in case have allergy to minoxidil or to any other ingredient.
  • In case you have any of the following listed health problems, please consult a pharmacist or a doctor before you start using Regaine: scalp disease: (e.g., eczema, infection, cuts) heart problems (e.g., chest pain, heart attack, heart failure), kidney disease, live disease.
  • The use of Regaine during pregnancy should be avoided. Discuss possible risks and benefits of using it with your doctor.
  • The effects of minoxidil during breast-feeding are not known. Please consult your doctor before using it.

Side effects

Burning, stinging or redness at the application site may occur. Rarely this medication could be absorbed through the skin at a rate which could cause serious side effects such as: unwanted/facial body hair, dizziness, fast/irregular heartbeat, fainting, chest pain, swelling of hands/feet, unusual weight gain, tiredness, difficulty breathing specially when lying down.

In any of these cases stop using medication ant tell a doctor immediately.

Use with other treatments

When applied to the skin, some medicine can increase permeability. Do not use when you are using any other medicine on your scalp. This procedure could cause the absorption of higher dosage of minoxidil through the skin and increase the risk of side effects.

Interaction of Regaine with medicines for high blood pressure is also not recommended.