Does Regaine Work?

Day 1


Here is a brief review of the effect that Regaine had on my hair over 18 months. Does Regaine work? Without trying something for yourself you only have other peoples experienced to go on so I’m just doing this review to let people know how it worked for me. Note: I paid for all the Regaine myself, I was not given it or anything like that, I’m not trying to deceive anyone. If you don’t read any more than this first paragraph then read this: in my opinion at the very least you will slow down your hair loss.

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After 18 months of using Regaine

Does Regaine Work

I first noticed that I was losing hair when I was just 22, from that point my hair loss gradually accelerated. By the time I was 32 I had lost approximately 60-70% of my hair (a rough estimation) from the top of my head (there was no hair loss from the back and sides – typical pattern baldness). It was at this point that I first started using Regaine. My hair loss in retrospect was inevitable, my day is basically bald, my older brother’s hair was thinning just like mine (my hair loss was definitely hereditary).

Years ago I really didn’t think much about Regaine, I certainly didn’t think that it wouldn’t be able to stop the inevitable hair loss which I was going to experience. I thought it was just more hyped up rubbish basing itself on one study conducted by the developers years ago.

Then a friend of mine who also suffered from hereditary hair loss told me that he had been using it for a few months and was starting to see regrowth! I didn’t think such a thing was possible. This is when I started taking an interest in Regaine. I read about the numerous studies (which I was still very skeptical about), read loads of reviews which were generally quite positive. So about 18 months ago I ordered some Regaine Extra Strength Solution. I thought, hey I’ve got nothing to lose, I can get a really cheap online, let’s use it twice a day and see how it goes.

Day 1

day 1 frontday 1 top

At this point I had no intention of publishing my experiences with Regaine on the web but took photos so I could check if it was working or whether I was just wasting my money.

Month 1

On the box there are a few warnings of things that could happen such as accelerated hair loss at the beginning. This happened to me, after of use two weeks my hair started falling out like crazy I thought I was going to go completely bald and look like Vin Diesel. Thankfully this phase lasted for less than a week. I read somewhere online that this was actually a good sign and that because of the initial hair loss phase it was more likely that the Regaine would eventually produce positive results.

Other than the phase of increased hair loss the first month was uneventful. I was applying the solution in the morning and in the evening just before I went to bed. Some downsides to the topical solution came to light: firstly it doesn’t dry very fast and it is also quite oily so you can’t style your hair very well. These can be avoided by using Regaine Foam (I will discuss this later).

Month 2

At about week 6 I started to notice less hair being lost when taking a shower.  At first I didn’t really think much about it, I just assumed my hair was going though a non-shedding phase. A little research on the web dug up study on the matter however. A study Regaine conducted which concluded that men who used Regaine for one year reduced their hair loss from washing from 69.7 to 33.8 hairs lost per shower. I was noticing a similar effect in that by around week 10 I was losing around half the number of hair in the shower than I was before. I decided to buy another 3 months supply of the solution.

Month 3

month 3 frontmonth 3 top

In the third month and I noticed little hairs growing around my temples and in general the impression I had was that my hair was becoming fuller, this was a feeling which is quite hard to describe but I was starting to feel quite optimistic about it all.

Here is a tip: keep your hair really short and the reason for that is that the solution can be quite oily. I found out the wrong way: I had a meeting right after I applied the Regaine and everyone was looking at my greasy hair.

Month 4

It’s been four months now since I started using the Regaine hair loss treatment. Over the last two months I’ve been getting lots of compliments from my friends and family and even my barber – he says my hair is much thicker than before. The front hairline has thickened up,even at the back where I was starting to to develop a bald patch you can see the difference I still have six months to go until the end of the treatment and I will hopefully report back here in two months time.

To be continued…….

One thought on “Does Regaine Work?

  1. James D Post author

    I read this a lot on hair loss forums: Every day that you delay starting Propecia/Regaine is another day of lost- hair forever. These drugs can grow back some hair, but not all. The sooner you start, the more you can get back – and the more you’ll have when a newer, better drug comes along.

    Uh, yeah. But this makes it sound like Regaine and Propecia are definitely going to do something for most people. And that simply isn’t the case. Or did you figure a guy like Andre Agassi DIDN’T try these products and just figured the shaved look would make him more of a chick magnet? LOL

    I say try but DO NOT fool yourself or second guess. If, after a fair trial, there is no noticeable improvement – only a deterioration, then save your money and go with something else. Heredity? Maybe. But there ain’t a whole lot of people in my family who had major hair loss in their 30′s. Genetics is a factor. But it obviously ain’t the only factor. Otherwise all 3 of the Bee Gees would be bald.

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