Why Propecia and Regaine so expensive

November 13, 2012

I’ve been thinking that with what I’d spend on Propecia and Regaine over a 5 or 6 year period, if I just saved the money I’d probably have near enough for a transplant. Way it’s going now, I’m shedding and thinning badly anyways. If these treatments are not going to work, it’s a lot of wasted money that could have gone on something that might be effective. Only been on Propecia for 6 weeks, but I’ll probably post an initial “review” of my experiences and situation soon.

I’ve used Nourkrin shampoo for a year now too and my hair has thinned BADLY. Also the hair is now very dry and poor quality. There’s some contoversy over whether Nizoral really helps hair loss. It seems to me that some of the treatments that might help vertex balding do not do much for (or may even hurt) the hair up front.
Hey, if you can scrape up the £5,000+ I’d DEFINITELY recommend looking into a transplant.

2 thoughts on “Why Propecia and Regaine so expensive

  1. FreeSpriT4eva

    I am plannig to go for a transpalnt. because, I have spend a lot’s of money for the Regain and somany others. please inform me more detail about transplant, cause when we do it practicaly there will be lots of unexpected problems will araise. and nizoral shampoo is anti dandruf. I have been heard similar problems from who ever used it better stop using that bye

  2. brandiuk1

    Even if somebody knew, this would not mean you would stop hair loss or get your hair back. I know, you don’t want to hear it, but Regaine does. It has proven its efficiency and it works in only a very short time of 20 to 45 days and you don’t have to take anything to suppress DHT.

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