Where To Find Cheapest Regaine Online

April 10, 2013

cheapestOkay this post may seem a bit like overkill as we already have a price comparison list for both Regaine Foam and Extra Strength Solution but I am constantly seeing people buying it from online stores which simply do not represent the best value for money. This makes absolutely no sense to me so I can only assume that these people are simply ignorant of the cheapest places to buy this product online – I hope to put this right.

As you might imagine or as you can see in our lists there are a number of stores which sell Regaine Foam and Solution. They all sell it much cheaper than you can buy it on the high-street but they still vary in price by quite a margin.

Over the past year there have only been a few stores which have been genuinely competing in an all-out price war on this hair loss treatment. These stores are Pharmacyfirst, Amazon.co.uk, Chemist Direct, Lloyds Pharmacy and Pharmacy2U

The cheapest Regaine Foam

update: 27/2/2017

  • Lloyds Pharmacy are still delivering the best value for money (£14.41 per month) as long as you are happy to buy 1 years worth at a time!
  • For smaller orders take a look at Chemist Direct (6 months supply @ £14.58 per month) and Amazon (for 3  months supply @ £14.66 per month)
  • Buying single tubes is just plain bad value for money but if you need them the Amazon are selling them at the lowest price of £21.15 with free delivery.

update: 13/1/2015

  • Lowest price overall can be obtained by ordering 12 months worth from Lloyds Pharmacy (£14.58 per month)
  • But you can get almost as good value for money (by a few pence per month) by ordering just 6 or 9 months worth from Pharmacy2U thanks to new discount codes we have just received: AW10P will get you 10% of all orders over £90 and AWP2U for 5% of orders over £55. These codes are valid until the end of April so make the most of them.
  • For 3 tubes Pharmacy First is still the best go.
  • If you only want a single tube (although the are quite bad value for money) Chemist Direct are currently offering the best deal (£21.99+£3.49 delivery)


  • If you can buy in bulk (as in 6,9 or 12 months supply) then you can save the most by ordering it from Lloyds Pharmacy. 12 month supply (12 tubes of Foam) will cost you £175 (£14.58 per month) but will save you over £1 per month compared to using the best 3 month supply deal. Note that these are online only deals you will not find them in the high street stores.
  • If you can only stretch to buying 3 months at a time then head over to Pharmacy First. They have recently lowered the price on this deal to £47.20 + free delivery which works out at £15.73 per month.
  • If you need to buy single tubes the Amazon.co.uk is the store to get them from but single tube do represent very bad value compared to the multi-pack alternatives.

How times change. Stores which were not even close to competing for the lowest price when I first wrote this article are now offering the best deal. Currently the best place to buy the tubes of Foam are form boots.com! As long as you don’t mind getting a years supply in one go for around £190 (£15.83 per month). 12 pack too big? The you may be better off with the second best deal at Chemist Direct offering 9 months supply for £143. Still to much? 3 months supply is available for Pharmacy First for just £47.99 (£16 per month) which is not a million miles from the Boots deal. One more thing to note: Amazon are now completely out of the picture so don’t buy it from there unless buying 1 months worth at a time.


The consistent winner of the Foam price-war is PharmacyFirst. They have been selling Regaine at its lowest price for over six months, not even Amazon can touch them. However people have still been buying through Amazon – I can only assume it is the familiarity of the online superstore which has this effect. Buying six or three months supply from PharmacyFirst will enable you to use the Foam at just over £14 per month. This is less than half the first £35 you would spend on the high-street.

The cheapest Extra Strength Solution

update: 28/11/2014
  • Lloyds Pharmacy currently have the lowest prices for Regaine Solution beating all the competition by a mile.
  • Stretch to ordering 1 years supply (£135) and you can get the best value for money at £11.25/mth.
  • Buy 6 months and you will almost achieve the same value for money at £68 (£11.33/mth)
  • Probably the most popular order size is 3 months supply. The lowest price for this one can also be found at Lloyds Pharmacy for £34.50 + £3.95 delivery (£12.82/mth)
  • If  you are buying single bottles then head to Pharmacy First (£24.63/mth)

Forget everything written before/below the market for the topical solution has changed drastically in the past 12 months. Amazon and Pharmacy2U no longer represent the best value for money. The best deal when buying it in either 3, 6, 9 or 12 month packs is currently Chemist Direct (12 months for £176.53 = £14.71 /month).


For the Solution it’s a toss-up between Pharmacy2U and Amazon.co.uk. Whereas you can get it theoretically cheaper Pharmacy2U you you have to buy it in bulk, and I’m talking nine months supply here, otherwise you’re better off shopping at Amazon. Currently the lowest price for extra strength solution is £14.44 again less than half the price of the high Street.

Now I know our price comparison lists features a lot of different online merchants selling Regaine including Chemist Direct, Boots and Express Chemist to mention a few but I’ve never seen any of these stores at the top of the price comparison list, people still buy it from them however. If you’re one of these people take note, check out the lists and save some money.

The cheapest Regaine For Women

  • Amazon currently have the lowest price for the topical solution and it is for a single bottle (beating all other multipacks).
  • For the new Foam for women shop at Pharmacy First for the best deal whether it 2 or 4 months supply.


Pharmacy First currently have the best deal for this on both 6 and 3 month order sizes which are over a pound cheaper per month than any other stores. If you need to buy single packs then the same store offers the best deal through this do not represent such good value as the multi packs.