Using Regaine to Grow a Beard / Facial Hair

June 30, 2014

beardThere are many queries regarding whether Regaine or minoxidil can be used topically to grow facial hair. This question arises mainly because it is easily available over the counter and should therefore be safe for topical (external) use. It is also known to work well for scalp hair (improving growth in 80% of cases), so why not the facial variety like your beard?

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Looking at some of the facts about how our hair grows, the principles that govern facial hair growth and growth in any other part of the body is the same. All follicles follow a pattern of growth, rest and shedding, which decides how long or short the hair will be. A reduction in the number of active follicles we have is mainly due to genetic factors while in the case of male pattern baldness, the hair loss is due to the high levels of free-testosterone (dihydrotestosterone).

Regaine helps prevent male pattern baldness by causing the follicles to expand and extending the growth phase of the hair. This ensures that the hair lasts for a longer period and grows longer. But with facial hair, the problem is the inability to grow it in the first place. This means that there is no cause for hair loss to which the prevention may be applied.

Regaine-regaine-boxThe drug, Minoxidil (the active ingredient in Regaine) was initially created as a treatment for high blood pressure. Excessive hair growth was observed as one of the side effects of using the drug. The researches then decided to use this effect to treat male pattern baldness. Minoxidil was reformulated so that it could be used as a topical drug (Regaine Solution) as the oral usage of Minoxidil causes vascular dilation. As a topical drug, it can be used only for targeted areas which require its application.


Due to the reasons above it can be stated that Regaine should not be used applied to any sensitive and permeable body tissues which include the mouth, nose and eye areas, these are areas to which you may apply the drug in order to thicken your beard or moustache. If applied, the minoxidil will be absorbed by the skin and pass through the bloodstream in larger concentrations than that which is considered safe. This will lead to a drop in the blood pressure levels. It is therefore advisable never to use Regaine as a topical treatment for facial hair growth.

Healthy Ways To Improve Beard / Facial Growth

Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to grow facial hair.

  • Eating nutrition-rich foods which have a high protein content such as beans, chicken and fish, following a good diet and getting plenty of rest will help your body function to the best of its ability.
  • Stress is a major factor that leads to hair loss causing conditions like telogen effluvium. This is the wide-spread thinning of the hair in all parts of the body.
  • Vitamins B6, E and C are essential but overdoses of the vitamins can be toxic to the body.
  • Dermatologists also recommend taking flax seed oil, nettle and biotin.

It is best to consult a doctor before taking vitamins and other supplements. Be aware of all the side-effects of medications as they may cause more harm than good. It is advisable to never self-medicate or use even over-the counter medicines in ways that are different from its intended use.

Growing a beard requires patience and commitment. Symptoms such as itching and discomfort due to it’s grwoth are common. Conditioners and lotions can be used to soften the strands and keep the skin free of irritation. Accept and work with the beard you have, look for styles that suit your growth pattern.