Usage Tips

April 21, 2015

Beautiful, healthy, natural hair never goes out of style but it is hard to keep and can sometimes disappear with age. One of the common fears of middle-aged men and women is hair loss. When no diets, shampoos, therapies and treatments help you keep your hair, Regaine (branded name for the drug minoxidil) can be the right treatment that does not need to come at a high price. For many men and women who experience baldness problems, it has become an effective solution that helps regrow lost hair fast. So what can this product do for you, and how can you use it most effectively?

usage tips

A Brief History Lesson

Minoxidil was discovered as one of the miracles of modern medicine. At first it was widely used as medicine that helped control blood pressure. However, later it was noted for its unusual extra property. Specialists in the medical field noticed that the medication had a stimulating effect on the follicles, making hair grow faster. That is why Minoxidil was adapted for external use and produced as a alopecia medication ever since.

Regaine Usage Tips

  1. This medication requires continuous use. It is guaranteed to work only when applied on a regular basis. To keep hair loss under control and stop it completely, use Regaine for at least several month or longer. The first noticeable progress usually appears after a couple of months, but the treatment reaches its fullest potential after 6 months.
  2. If you have to abort the treatment, keep in mind that it’s effects may disappear gradually in half a year and restoring your mop to its previous condition may be much more difficult.
  3. When you begin using this medication, make sure to determine which areas of your scalp are mostly affected by the problem. Then apply the foam or solution daily to these areas and watch your progress.
  4. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face or other areas of skin, as this remedy helps hair grow on any parts of the body, not just the head.
  5. Don’t bother increasing the does or the frequency of use. It will make very little difference apart from increasing the cost of use.
  6. The effectiveness of the medication improves if it is accompanied by soft massaging of the scalp with the finger tips. However, careful treatment of the strands and scalp is strongly recommended during the recovery process.
  7. This medication is used by male and female patients. The important advantage of the medicine is its lack of or only having minor side effects. It might cause skin irritation in rare cases.
  8. If you suffer from low blood pressure, avoid applying this medication without consulting your physician first as it might worsen this condition.
  9. Another advantage is that it allows you continue using other products and treatments, though you are still advised to refrain from using a lot of styling products as they do not help hair stay healthy.