Rate of Hair Loss

March 29, 2017

bradpittCan some of your expand on previous comments about your rate of hair loss? Do you really find quantities on your pillows? If so, is it any more than your wife/girlfriend sheds onto her pillow?

My hair got pretty thin when I hit about 30 (I’m 33 now) but has seemed to level off. I’ve been using propecia for about a year, and Regaine Foam for a few months.

Propecia note

When I noticed some side effects, I stopped the propecia for a few weeks, then restarted and haven’t had the same problems. Although a friend makes a big deal about taking a pill every day, the Red Cross won’t allow you to give blood for 45 days after taking finistrade, so it must stay in your system for some time…

I have short hair, so sometimes it’s tough to tell what’s happening. When shampooing, I usually have 1 or 2 hairs on my hand. But then I remember how much hair past girlfriends have left behind (of course, more visible due to its length) and I’m not so sure.

I don’t find any hairs on my pillows, but then again, I don’t often look too carefully, either.

It sounds like maybe propecia is working for you, great!

Yes, it’s true that women shed a lot. Actually, we all do even if we’re not losing our hair (is that a paradox or what?) The average person loses 100 hairs a day. The difference between them and us is that some of ours don’t grow back.

A lot of guys who are losing hair report seeing much more than usual on their pillows or in their shower drains. I’ve never had that problem of seeing clumps in either place. Nevertheless, I’m thinning. It’s probably just at a much slower rate.

You may have levelled off. What’s your mom’s dad look like? From what I’ve learned, he’s your best mirror into the future.