Regaine Solution Clinical Trials

Regaine has been approved as a treatment for hereditary male pattern baldness for over 20 years. Clinical Trials of their 5% solution  product has shown it to be effective in stopping hair loss in the majority of patients and stimulating new hair growth. Post Market Clinical Trials In 1997 Regaine 5% (Extra Strength) Solution was… Read More »

Does Regaine Work Diary: Day 60

Hi, This is Luke. I posted about 2 months ago when I started using this stuff. I’ve been using Regaine foam everyday the last two months and what can I say this stuff is just amazing my hair is just growing. At the start of the treatment my front hairline was very thin now it… Read More »

Official Regaine TV Commercial April 2013

This short (20 second) advertisement was launched April 2013 Transcript: If you’re losing your hair you want facts not sympathy, you want to know if there’s anything you can really do about it. Most men’s hair loss is hereditary so if you start losing a like your dad, Regain scientifically proven foam helps to stop… Read More »

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is something which will affect most men and many women over the course of their lifetime. It’s not known what the direct cause of baldness is though some contributing factors are known. High levels of testosterone in the body can contribute to loss of hair. Certain medications you may be taking can contribute… Read More »

Using Regaine to Grow a Beard / Facial Hair

There are many queries regarding whether Regaine or minoxidil can be used topically to grow facial hair. This question arises mainly because it is easily available over the counter and should therefore be safe for topical (external) use. It is also known to work well for scalp hair (improving growth in 80% of cases), so… Read More »

How To Apply Regaine Effectively

To increase the chances of success when using Regaine Extra Strength Foam or Solution you need to apply it as directed twice a day. If you follow these steps every morning and evening they will soon become second nature and part of your daily grooming routine. Applying The Foam Expose your scalp at the effected… Read More »

Stop Alopecia Totalis With Minoxidil?

Wasn’t sure where to post this. In September a dermatologist diagnosed me with alopecia areata. She prescribed a topical steroid and latisse. She thought prednisone might work but was reluctant to do that since I lived out of State. I finally got to see my dermatologist in Canada after waiting 6 months from the referral.… Read More »

No Improvement After 6 Months Of Regaine

I am a sufferer of hereditary hair loss, my dad and both grandads were pretty bald in their old age. I started using Regaine Foam when I was 30 but after 6 months I couldn’t see any positive effect from it so I stopped and I am now trying supplements instead. The supplements contain lots… Read More »

Does Regaine Work Diary: Day 1

Hi my name is Luke I’m 25 years old, I’d been suffering from hair loss for the last two years. I’ve just started treating my hair loss today with Regaine Foam and I could be posting my progress every two months and hopefully only end of the treatments which could take up to a year… Read More »