Hair Loss at Age of 24

September 30, 2014

Can any one help me please, I’m just 24 and experiencing hair loss at the rear part of my head, it started with tremendous urge to scratch on the rear head, which I believe led to the loss because I use to scratch uncontrolled, so please can any one suggest me safe medications, preferably herbal or ayurvedic. I’m using TOPGAIN 2%, an allopathic medicine which I apply it my affected area of head, but I fear instead of curing it’ll turn me completely bald. Please suggest alternatives.

Find out the cause

Please get to your Dermatologist and ask very very specific questions about your condition. Often this is a treatable condition that requires something stronger than over the counter products. Your best bet begins with a dermatologist.

Good luck! and if you find yourself with massive baldness, contact a hair solutions specialist to help give your hair the appearance of it being thicker and healthier. Try extensions till your own hair is under control.

But what will you suggest friend. I mean which treatment can be fruitful, rather has proven fruitful – “allopathic” or ” homeopathic”.


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