Does Regaine Work Diary: Day 60

July 11, 2014

Hi, This is Luke. I posted about 2 months ago when I started using this stuff.

I’ve been using Regaine foam everyday the last two months and what can I say this stuff is just amazing my hair is just growing. At the start of the treatment my front hairline was very thin now it is much thicker and I’m so happy about it.

I have ordered a few more tubes which I have managed to get for a lot less compared to the first 2 with the help of this website. I intend to use it for the next few months and if it is still doing the job I will probably;y try some generic minoxidil to save some more money. I will report here on how it goes and if it continues to work with some pics. It’s all good so far.

As far as the side effects go I have experienced none whatsoever. I apply it morning and evening, there is no itchiness or rash or anything like that