Does Regaine Work Diary: Day 1

May 11, 2014

day1Hi my name is Luke I’m 25 years old, I’d been suffering from hair loss for the last two years. I’ve just started treating my hair loss today with Regaine Foam and I could be posting my progress every two months and hopefully only end of the treatments which could take up to a year I will get positive result such as those featured on the official website.

I’m writing this to show people my improvement or not and to monitor my progress hopefully see you in two months time with a positive result.

I bit of background on my hair loss. As I stated above I am 25 and I am (as you can see in the pic) losing my hair at quite a fast rate for someone at my age. My dad and his dad are both bald so it is inevitable that if I do nothing I will end up the same way. This in my opinion is a good test for Regaine as the baldness gene in my family is pretty strong. Anyway enough rambling. I will post back soon with any progress (or not).