Rate of Hair Loss

Can some of your expand on previous comments about your rate of hair loss? Do you really find quantities on your pillows? If so, is it any more than your wife/girlfriend sheds onto her pillow? My hair got pretty thin when I hit about 30 (I’m 33 now) but has seemed to level off. I’ve… Read More »

Usage Tips

Beautiful, healthy, natural hair never goes out of style but it is hard to keep and can sometimes disappear with age. One of the common fears of middle-aged men and women is hair loss. When no diets, shampoos, therapies and treatments help you keep your hair, Regaine (branded name for the drug minoxidil) can be… Read More »

How Regaine Works

After you got to know what Regaine is, it’s time you find out how it actually works to stop the loss of hair. The active ingredient is Minoxidil, which is a diuretic substance that was discovered by accident. Minoxidil enlarge blood vessels and increase flood flow to your scalp, providing nutrients to your follicles, and… Read More »

Regaine + Propecia Side Effects

I recently turned 33, and have noticed thinning of my hair over the last few months – initially in the front, now it seems to be starting on the top. Coincidentally my scalp has become quite itchy over the last couple of weeks. During my annual medical last week, the doctor touched the side of… Read More »

Does Regaine Work For Receding Hairline?

Have you been faced with the problem of a receding hairline, and just don’t know where to turn? You must be cursing your family history, not knowing what it is that you can do to make your luscious, full head of hair grow back the way that it once was! The good news is that… Read More »

Regaine vs. Minoxidil

Unlike in the past when consumers were restricted to limited choices in terms of hair loss products, the market today is flooded with various types of  treatment products giving consumers a wide range of variety to choose from. While there are many ingredients in different types of treatment, one of the most popular ones used… Read More »

Hair Loss at Age of 24

Can any one help me please, I’m just 24 and experiencing hair loss at the rear part of my head, it started with tremendous urge to scratch on the rear head, which I believe led to the loss because I use to scratch uncontrolled, so please can any one suggest me safe medications, preferably herbal… Read More »

Is Rogaine The Same As Regaine?

Yes, Regaine is the same as Rogaine. They are from the same manufacturer and contain the exact same formula and ingredients. Globally the treatment is most commonly known as Rogaine as this is what its branded as in the United States and in most countries. However in some countries like the UK and Ireland for… Read More »

Losing Hair At 30 (Woman), What Can I Do!

So, I’ve been losing a good amount of hair since September. Enough to where as to now when you look at the back of my head, you can literally see my scalp in some places. I had my last child 16 months ago. I take a multi-vitamin and I seen a doctor about this last… Read More »

Regaine Foam 3 Month Pack

Regaine.evershop.co.uk has been helping buyers find the best price for a few years now. Over those years we can’t help but notice which products and order sizes and more popular than others. It may come as no surprise that 3 month supply of Regaine Foam is top of the list even though it is not… Read More »